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The Way to Recognize fake escort Advertisements and avoid scams types

Scam Types

#1 Totally fake Advertisements by posters who Are Only Searching for Cash

Occasionally these folks will have a telephone number at which a female voice replies (if the supplier is feminine, of course ) in a sultry fashion, but most frequently they will just have an email address. Upon calling them, the time you're asking will obviously be accessible, and they simply require a little deposit"to be sure to appear as we have had a lot of cancellations..." After sending the scammer the deposit (they will be different methods) you are out of luck. If a supplier asks for it, do not let your small mind do the speaking, only state"No, thanks" and move elsewhere.

All these are fake advertisements which are put up to attract a customer in. The target is to receive a deposit for your booking delivered to them, and they cancel at the last moment, or just don't appear in the location you where consented to fulfill. Normally the advertisement is priced marginally more affordable than normal with a vast selection of services available and, clearly, the supplier is almost always quite good looking. If you apply this"Is this picture real?" Attribute to look for similar photos by click the"Can this picture real link" link beneath a photograph, you will most likely find the identical advertisement on different websites for totally different towns. This is a significant red flag.

Advice: Do not pay or deposite money in advance until girl can not come at your place or hotel room

#2 Ads at Which a scammer tries to steal your credit card Info For easy money

Again, very similar to the imitation deposit advertisements, these advertisements use photographs of very good looking girls (or men). These advertisements however, don't have any telephone contact info. The purpose here is that you email the person who submitted the advertisement, they will normally reply very fast, stating they can match up with you whenever and where you desire. All you have to do is"confirm your identity" -- to the security of the escort, naturally! This profile photograph will always show your current place as the place of this"escort" in query.

These websites will have you register to confirm your identity. Some may use age verification as a justification. Occasionally they'll say that they won't bill your credit cardother instances they could charge your credit card a buck.

Advice: Do not share debit/credit card or your bank details with Anyone

#3 Providers That do Not Seem anything like their Photographs

DThis, sadly, happens quite often. Let us just say, this was not only a small amount of photoshopping. In different conditions, you might feel as a blond, but rather a brunette arrives at your door asserting that"oh, I only dyed my hair and I have not taken new photos " This occurs when a few women (or men ) work together along with the person you call is active, so that they send their buddy, believing if somebody shows up in your door, you are not likely to turn them off.

The simplest way to safeguard against this is, even once you're creating a scheduled appointment, to ask the supplier to deliver you a photograph of her/himself from the mirror holding a sheet of paper with some text onto it for example,"Hi Sam", where Sam is your title you're using. This guarantees that it is a newly taken photograph and the individual that matches you resembles the individual from the ad.

If you Are communicating with the Supplier by email, You Might want to write along these lines:

Hi Nandini Divekar, until we create a meeting, I am wondering in the event that you're able to send me a picture of yourself at the mirror holding a bit of paper with the writing'Hi Avinash' onto it.

I understand that your time is precious, and I apologize for the hassle, but previously I have been a sufferer of a'bait and switch' scam several times at which the supplier photographs in the ads seemed nothing like the true person that showed up in my doorway.

I respect your privacy and that I do not have to observe any naked photographs, but I would love to have the ability to normally see the way your body appears too, again simply to be certain to look like the photographs from the advertisement.

Thanks & Regards


This may both give the supplier a feeling of safety as you are letting them know you have been with suppliers before, you know their concerns about privacy and time and that you are a considerate person. If the supplier does not wish to have a few moments to snap some photographs demonstrating that their photographs are actual, then they are not real, or they are not likely to provide you with good support. Better to proceed.

Advice: Be a Smart Man And Follow These Advice

#4 The Best Way to Steer Clear of robberies by a Supplier

There are two Major Kinds of robberies that happen in the Adult "Escort" Industry:

  1. Meetings Which are Configurations to Get a Burglar "robbery"
  2. Opportunistic robberies, in which you pay your supplier an agreed upon commission, plus they suddenly rush from the hotel room together with all the cash. Alternately, You Might Be robbed whilst you are in the shower or any variant on this

Understand you may not be 100% secure in this industry, particularly if you're visiting a supplier in a region where prostitution is prohibited or semi-legal. Some suppliers will benefit from this by presuming that you will not go to the authorities if they rob you. Accept that there'll always be a danger, which your very best plan of action would be to minimize your risks and should something bad does happen to decrease the possible harm that may be done to you.

With that in mind, a small Choice "Advice: of Information:

  1. Never observe an escort which you don't understand in your apartment or home. Irrespective of whether you're single or not.
  2. Get the supplier to deliver you a photograph of these prior to placing a date, but not only are you in a position to confirm their appearances, but the supplier is not as likely to give you when they know that you have a true photograph of those.
  3. When viewing a supplier in their place of business, just bring the cash that you require for your own date and a potential tip. Do not bring your wallet any of your identification.
  4. If you're driving into the supplier's location, if it is not in a upscale resort, park at least a block away and walk into the place. You may opt to leave your key at a magnetic automobile lock box below your vehicle, or choose your car key on you, based on the region in which you leave your vehicle.
  5. When viewing a supplier in their place of business, after walking to their area , greet the supplier well and have a glance around to ensure nobody else is not there. Be certain that the flat or resort door is then secured with the string or additional door stop set up to stop anyone else from penetrating and unexpected you. In the event the supplier becomes stressed when you do so, simply smile and say,"I got robbed by a supplier's spouse entering a keycard she had given her boyfriendso I must do so for my own safety. You may assess me for any type of weapon if you would prefer, but if you are anxious about this I will need to leave to my safety"
  6. If you are visiting a supplier on your hotel room, ensure to have the money available to cover themand lock out your wallet and other valuables (telephone etc) from the area secure, or conceal them someplace high out of reach and out of site when the room does not have a secure.
  7. When a supplier comes to see you in your hotel room, have a look through the keyhole first, and then shut the door with the string attached and look around, simply to be certain that there are not any unwelcome visitors from the hallway. Following the supplier enters your space, give her an opportunity to shop around, then close and lock the door.
  8. In the event the supplier is travel , or you have never met them earlier, there's a marginally higher chance of the supplier carrying the cash and rushing out the door as you're in the bathtub or shower. Many people today insist on not paying beforehand due to this, but you will discover that a few suppliers (being ripped off earlier ) will probably be nervous if you do not pay them in advance, which will bring about a bad session or battle prior to the session. You are going to need to ascertain what you do on a case by case basis, however we always propose giving the supplier the cash upfront, then letting them know you're going to be pleased to trick after the session in case you are pleased. This will place the supplier at ease, and offer them some incentive to provide you a much better session.

Latest Scam "Email-me"

A single scammer could create many reports with different email addresses. They do not wish to test multiple mailboxes, so that they enter their"actual", single email address within the body of the advertisement, inviting one to write to that address. Do not encourage themignore the email in the advertisement and use the"Mail me" button

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